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Monterey Garden Phos Plant Disease Control Concentrate - 1 Qt.

  • Monterey, Agri-Fos, systemic, fungicide is very effective, controlling,  plant, diseases,Pythophthora, downy mildew, pythium, black spot, root rot, anthracnose,  mono- and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid, curative, preventive, treatment,
  • Apply as a foliar spray, soil drench, soil incorporation, basal bark, treatment, bare root dip, trees, turf, ornamentals, landscapes, bedding plants
  •     Effective control of Phytophthora and Pythium spp. and other diseases associated with Sudden Oak Death, Beech Decline, and general tree decline syndromes.
  •     Apply to trees such as, but not limited to, Beech, Cedar, Chestnut, Crab Apple, Dogwood, Elm, Fir, Juniper, Linden, Pine, Oaks (Coastal, Live, Shreve, Black, Canyon), Ornamental Pear, Sweet Birch, Sweet Gum, Sycamore, White Pine, White Cedar, and Willow.


  • SKU:  0360-38971