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Organic Products

Less is more when it comes to pesticides, water, and added nutrients.

Making healthy soil your first priority can help achieve sustainable plantings at a reduced cost with fewer chemical additives. Adding carbon-based amendments is key to enhancing soil performance and plant productivity. Balanced soil can also help ward off insects and weeds, though sometimes a little extra help is necessary.

Chemical solutions are most effective and require fewer applications when active ingredients are at proper levels, and 100% natural solutions with micro-technologies work best when applied frequently.

The MyTurf & Garden approach:

  • Properly balance the soil with high organic content. This leads to fewer nutrient inputs and produces healthier plants better equipped to withstand insects and diseases.
  • Use professionally recommended chemical solutions with the proper levels of active ingredients. This ensures effectiveness without having to make repeated applications.
  • Use 100% natural solutions that contain micro-technologies as proven chemical controls for specific pests. This requires more frequent applications, but accompanied by balanced soils, serves as the most environmentally friendly approach.



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