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groSMART Grass Seed - Proven Technology

  • Industry leading - Only professional seed product of its kind on the market today.
  • Carries a patented and proprietary nutritional package on each seed.
  • Time proven - field-tested - similar technologies proven in agriculture.
  • Applied as a pre-treatment on all premium, professional seed offered by

groSMART Seed -Performance Based on Science

  • groSMART™ seed is scientifically designed for rapid establishment and long-lasting color and growth.
  • Each seed is pre-treated with a unique blend of macro and micro-nutrients.
  • Carries on-board surfactants, natural growth promoting agents, microbes, humic, fulvic and amino acids to promote unparalleled performance.

groSMART Seed - Why It Works

  • Dramatically increases the water holding capacity of the seed and soil.
    • Surfactants and wetting agents are used as to significantly aiding in water conservation.
    • Establishes best-in-class germination rates.
  • Carries a complete load of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium on each seed.
    • The water-soluble phosphorous makes the nutrients readily available for soil and plant uptake.
    • Phosphorous is needed for germination and root development.
    • The soluble nitrogen provides quick uptake to elongate roots and shoots, most needed when the plant is young.
    • Potassium builds cell wall strength. 
    • Cell wall strength is critical during the early stages of plant growth.
  • Organic proteins & mycorrhizae work in unison to feed soil and maintain moisture throughout soil profile.
  • The proteins and growth promoting agents drive roots into soil faster and stronger.

groSMART Seed - Reviews

Reviews from the Pro's

"groSMART™ seed is the fastest establishing seed. Even with less fertilizer. Results are an understatement."
- Professional Sports Turf Manager, Charlottesville, VA
"groSMART™ seed produced the fastest establishment I've ever seen. I reduced my starter fertilizer by 25%"
- Professional Lawn Care, Mid-Atlantic United States
"With reduced fertilizer, I still improved germination rates. Not to mention the best turf color and vigor."

- Certified Golf Course Superintendent, Maryland