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Your Lawn - How Grass Benefits Us All

  • Grass is a great ground-cover and is terrific at absorbing water and runoff. GrassBenefitsCollage
  • Lawns are 2,000 times more effective at preventing erosion than bare soil. 
  • Reduces storm-water runoff. 
  • Absorbs and filters rainfall.
  • Counterbalances hard urban surfaces.
  • Reduces negative inputs 
  • Absorbs as much carbon dioxide as trees. 
  • Cuts down on noise and air pollution. 
  • Reduces sound levels by 30% and provides 2x the protection against traffic noise. 
  • Dissipates heat to reduce temperature. 
  • Enhances your lifestyle
  • Provides fun and recreation.
  • Creates a relaxing environment.
  • Reduces allergen-producing weeds.
  • Adds extra value  
  • Increases property values (up to 11%).
  • Boosts curb appeal. 
  • Decreases heating and cooling needs.