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Commitment & Guiding Principles

  • Soils First is at the core of our Do-It-Yourself’er lawn and garden nutrient program.
  • We emphasize improvement of the soil as the means to achieve optimal turf and garden production. 
  • We work tirelessly to ensure our on-line catalog represents state-of-the art products supported by time-tested use in and on residential lawns and gardens.
  • We conduct on-going review of our professional products to ensure they remain effective and a mainstay of the homeowners’ lawn and garden maintenance programs. 
  • We study the marketplace in an effort to find the most environmentally friendly, cost effective and results proven products optimized for the homeowner committed to Doing-It-Themselves.   
  • We maintain a close working relationship with key manufacturers in an effort to effectively communicate the unique needs of the homeowner and to translate those needs into effective lawn and garden products. 

groSMART Technology

  • Revolutionary seed technology that results in seed performance requiring less fertilizer and water at the time the seed is sown.   
  • A treatment applied to our premium tall fescue grass seed containing proteins, fertilizer, organic mycorrhizae, and surfactants acting to significantly increase germination rates and produce plant sustaining root development.   
  • Our patented treatment provides fertilizer and organic nutrition where the seed needs it while holding water in place to support sustainable germination.   
  • groSMART™ Technology treatment results in the most drought, disease and traffic tolerant seed blend available in today’s residential marketplace.  

EarthWorks Replenish Technology

  • A family of Soils First products supporting our commitment to the improvement of soil health as a means of achieving optimal lawn and garden performance. 
  • Earthworks Soils First incorporates a carbon based fertility program enabling the soil to best support the grass and vegetable plant. 
  • A poultry-based composted nutrient system that feeds the Soil First giving the homeowner means to feed the lawn throughout summer’s heat and periods of high stress.

organicPLUS Technology

  • Blended with OceanGro materials offering a minimum of 50% organics, micro-nutrients and XCU slow release encapsulated nutrients.
  • Always important to the homeowner – a product family that requires fewer applications while feeding the lawn for up to 12 weeks.

Solu-Cal Technology

  • Contains a patented technology that enhances the lawn’s ability to immediately make use of the calcium and correct pH imbalances.  
  • Acts to quickly change the soil’s pH and improve the rate at which the soil regains proper balance necessary to regain optimal health. 
  • Enhances nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure that in combination enables the grass to more efficiently use needed nutrients.

XCU Technology

  • Offers a consistent 10-12-week release of nitrogen thus reducing the amount of product needed to achieve desired results. 
  • Designed so as soil temperatures rise nitrogen is released at a consistent rate to match the food needs of the turf.  
  •  After complete release the polymer coating decomposes into naturally occurring compounds.