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Moles - How Do I Know I Have Them?

  • Have you walked across your lawn  tripping over a tunnel or pushed up dirt mound?
  • If so there are critters using your lawn as a highway and feeding area.
  • Moles are subterranean animals that wreak havoc on our lawns and mulch beds by tunneling throughout our properties searching for food.

Moles - Their Favorite Foods

  • Their main food sources are white grubs and earthworms.
  • But they will eat practically any insects found in the soil. 
  • If you are seeing damage caused to your ornamental plants that is more than likely caused by voles. 
  • Moles only eat meat.

Moles - Methods for Control

  • There are many “old wives tales” about different methods of mole control.
  • Everything from Juicy Fruit gum to a child's pinwheel toy. 
  • There are, however, only a few proven methods of control: 
  • Mechanical traps such as the Victor Mole Plunger Trap
    • Use these in a series of 3.
    • Place directly over the tunnel and subsequent traps set to each side to cover any diversion from their travel path. 
    • Time and a shovel (requires a great deal of patience)
    • Take the time to roll over the tunnels to flatten them down.
    • Then sit and watch for new tunnel movement.
    • Then using the flat side of your shovel in a quick downward motion directly over the tunnel area.
  • Chemical Control
    • Use a pesticide called Talpirid Mole Bait. 
    • This is a proven product designed to look like the moles favorite food, earthworms.
    • Flatten existing tunnels and wait 24 hours to see which ones are being used.
    • Wear a glove and place the worm into the active tunnel. 
  • Natural Repellants
    • Apply Repellex Mole, Vole and Gopher Repellent  or if a larger size is required try the 24lb. Pail.
    • Start by spreading a band around your house and move out 6-8 feet per week until they are gone.
    • Apply a perimeter treatment once they are out of the lawn area.
    • Product is effective for 45-60 days.