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Stewardship as a Cornerstone

  • MyTurfandGarden is proud to be a leader in protecting the environment while at the same time assisting our customers care for and maintain their Outdoor Creation.
  • MyTurfandGarden is committed to developing a customer accessible platform for education and raising awareness based on the science in the Green industry.

Giving Back to the Industry

  • Raising tens of thousands of dollars for local, state and regional associations to combat legislation that isn't based on fact, yet instead based on emotionally based positions.
  • Lobbying efforts presenting why our industry can not only protect the environment but also enhance it.

Putting the Green Initiative Into Practice

  • MyTurfandGarden has a wide variety of certified "green solutions" enabling equal successes when compared to traditional products. 
  • Our initiatives include but are not limited to:
    • Zero Phosphorous Campaign
    • EarthWorks Replenish fertilizers
    • organicsPLUS fertilizers
    • OMRI Certified Pesticides, Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
    • Focus on Controlled Release Fertilizer acting to require less applications equating to less nutrient leaching and runoff.
    • Certified Nutrient Management Planners on staff.

Green Products

  • groSMART™ Seed
    • Revolutionary seed technology that allows for less fertilizer and less water at time of seeding application.  
    • groSMART™ seed is pretreated with proteins, fertilizer, organic mycorrhizae, surfactants and much more. 
    • This unique, patented technology provides fertilizer and organic nutrition where the seed needs it, while holding water in place for maximum germination. 
    • Accompanied with the best seed varieties tested by Universities, groSMART™ seed is the most drought, diseases, and traffic tolerant seed blends in both the professional and consumer markets. 
  • EarthWorks Replenish Fertilizers
    • It's not simply organic. The Earthworks solution provides calcium carbon and micro-nutrients placing focus on Soil First.
    • Soils First incorporates a carbon based fertility program via the use of high quality EarthWorks products.
    • Enables significant reduction in fertilizer inputs, water requirements and pesticide usage. The Number 1 organic fertilizer used by professionals!
  • organicsPLUS
    • Proprietary family of organic fertilizers. 
    • OrganicsPLUS embraces the science of agronomics yet also the science of the environment. 
    • OrganicsPLUS contains a minimum of 50% organics, micronutrients and XRT slow release fertilizer.
    • Results in fewer applications yet offer great turf response.
    • OrganicsPLUS can feed up to 12 weeks.
  • XCU Technology
    • Improved technology for the turf and horticulture market.
    • XCU offers a consistent 10 week release of nitrogen.
    • Uses an innovative polymer resin to provide a temperature-dependent nutrient release.
    • As temperatures warm, urea nitrogen is released at a consistent rate to match the nutrient demand of the turf. 
    • After complete release, the polymer decomposes into naturally occurring compounds.
  • Solu-Cal
    • Impregnated with 2% PHCA to significantly increase nutrient availability and efficiency while decreasing use rates. 
    • Enables quick change and optimization of soil pH as a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall vigor.
    • Maintains the correct soil pH allowing for the most efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients.