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About Us

  • is a unique online business providing the Do-It-Yourselfer professional solutions for his/her lawn and garden needs. 
    • We specialize in educating the Do-It-Yourselfer who values his or her role caring for their Outdoor Creation.   
    • Uniquely, consumers now have direct access to the same professional, time-tested and field proven products golf courses, universities, athletic fields and others across the world use to maintain pristine lawns and gardens.  
  • In addition, we’re here to guide and help you.
    • Our website is full of professional education. 
    • Take a minute to browse all "Tips and Tricks" has to offer and you'll see evidence of our commitment to giving the Do-It-Yourselfer the information needed to be just that a DIY'er. 
    • But that's sure not the only avenue of gaining the information you need to maintain your lawn and garden.
  • We’re also available to CHAT at anytime you wish during normal business hours. 
    • We encourage you to call us for professional advice by dialing 855.823.2316 and asking for Don Whitmire, Manager of Customer Care or Joann St.Claire.  Don or one of his Customer Care pros will help you with problem identification and develop a program to control, eradicate and hopefully solve the challenge you face. 
    • Please, if you call outside normal business hours leave us a message and your contact information and we'll call back the next day.
  • The Team embraces a balanced approach to the care and maintenance of your outdoor creation. 
    • We place primary emphasis on achievement of optimal soil performance.
    • And then guide our customers to a solution offering a balance between efficacy, cost and care of Mother Earth.
  • is driven by the daily application of three operating principles:
    • A deep seated and passionate dedication to the customer. Dedication that demands our going above and beyond the call as we address our customer’s needs.
    • We consider it an honor to give back to our industry through practitioner education and certification.
    • The company actively supports local charities in the communities where we have facilities as well as regional and national programs supporting veterans.
  • We look forward to speaking with you and to assisting with the maintenance of your outdoor creation.


  • Don't Guess....Do the Test.  Go to Think Soiland take advantage of doing an on-line soil test.  Armed with the results we'll be better equipped to provide scientifically based advice on what's required to have a sustainable lawn and high producing garden.