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Wiregrass Cocktail - Proven Ability to Kill & Control Wiregrass

  • SKU:  0360-99052
  • Summary: Hate wiregrass - Need a Solution?  Use this three ingredient cocktail proven in university field trials to kill wiregrass. Must be applied monthly over a four month period once the weed begins to green up in late spring and throughout the summer.

Active IngredientsCombination of: Acclaim Extra, Turflon Ester and Spreader/Sticker
Application RateAcclaim: 2/3 oz./gallon, Turflon Ester: 3/4 oz. Spreader-preader-Sticker: 3/4 tablespoon.
Application TimingMonthy - May, June, July & August.
ManufacturerBayer & VPG
Target ApplicationWiregrass.