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Essential - 1 - Organic Insect Control - 1 Qt.

  • SKU:  0360-36702
  • Summary: Earth Harvest's Essential-1 provides rapid knockdown and kills a wide range of pests with residual protection.

Active Ingredients4.7% Castor Oil, 4.7% Ceder Oil, 0.2% Citric Acid, 0.7% Garlic Oil, 1.0% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 0.1% White Pepper.
Application RateThis hose end sprayer is calibrated to apply the product at 1oz. per gallon of water. 32 ounces treats: 8,000 sq. ft.
Application TimingWet soil and leaves well, but not enough to run off. Apply every 7 to 14 days or as needed.
ManufacturerICT Organics
Target ApplicationControls Mosquitos, Ticks and Fleas and dozens of other pests.
UsesFor turf, garden, and trees as well as building perimeters.