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Lebanon Eagle Lawn Fungicide - 25 lb. Bag

  • SKU:  0250-25210
  • Summary: Preventative and curative control of fungal diseases in established turf grass.

Active IngredientsMyclobutanil - 0.62%
Application RateCovers 5,000 sq. ft. at curative rates and 10,000 sq. ft. at preventative rates.
Application TimingPreventative application must be made prior to the onset of disease. Curative applications should be applied on 14 day intervals during times of heavy disease.
ManufacturerLebanon Turf
Target ApplicationEagle® .62G Fungicide is a granular product containing a systemic protectant and curative fungicide for the control of diseases in established turfgrass.
UsesResidential and commercial lawns, ornamental turf grass, grounds or lawns around business and office complexes.